A Firefox add-on or extension to download into memory?

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Hi for the first time to these forums:

Would it be possible to download a file from a webpage into memory? and then to Upload from memory to another webpage in a separate step? Here’s why I would want to do this:

  1. A bank’s website allows the user to download a CSV file of transactions.
  2. A budgeting website allows the user to upload a CSV file of transactions.
  3. But the formats are not the same: a few lines of awk shuffle the format from the bank’s column ordering into the desired format.

Currently I can do this by downloading the file onto my computer, running the awk script and uploading the results to the budgeting website.

But imagine how easy and “frictionless” it would be to have the following workflow:

  1. User open Firefox, accesses bank website and presses link/button to download transactions as a CSV file.
  2. At the moment of the “Save As…” dialog, one of the options would be to “Download into memory” Click this and choose a filename.
  3. Once the file is downloaded into memory, the add-on would then re-format the data in javascript rather than my current few lines of AWK.
  4. The user logs out of the bank website.
  5. The user logs into the budgeting website
  6. The user presses the button to “Import”
  7. The Dialog offers a upload from memory option and the “file” created in step 2 is selected. Press OK/Upload
  8. The in-memory file is discarded.

This would mean that the download/upload cycle could possibly work on a mobile device where there is no access to AWK to handle the re-formatting.

I hope the my statement of the problem is clear!
Any suggestions? Even other forums to try, perhaps more suitable for this question?
Thank you!

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The RAM disk can also be provided on the OS level, e.g. with ImDisk Toolkit.