A New Nightly Activity!

Introducing a New MozActivate Activity - Using and Testing Firefox Nightly! Nightly is where all the new stuff is - as we continue development on the road to Firefox 57, new things are landing every day in both Desktop and Mobile. This new Nightly activity is meant to inspire community to get together and run Nightly, report bugs, and have fun! The activity can also be done solo if you are so inclined.

Our plan down the road is to start with a general introduction to Nightly, and then progress and have community test and use different features as they are developed. Along the way, you will be learning quite a bit about the development process and you will be able to see “quantum” improvements in Firefox!

Thanks to the following individuals for contributing to the effort to get this launched:

  • Flore Allemandou
  • Pascal Chevrel
  • Arnaud Jacquemin
  • Michael Kohler
  • Konstantina Papadea
  • Porkepix
  • Paul from SUMO

Please let us know if you have any questions - we are eager to hear about your experiences. Please share them in this discourse thread, or via any social media avenue channels you choose.


Thanks Marcia! I’ve added the link to the post here in the activity as well, so organizers of this activity can report back here with their experience and learnings. Additionally, we are open for everyone to provide feedback and ideas on the activity :slight_smile:

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