Able to separate HomePage and Startup Pages

Hi there, after mentioning about it on and not getting a logical response for almost a year, I decided to ask about it here too. My question is really simple, which is actually about something we had several years ago. Should we expect an update to achieve the ability to separate homepage and startup pages back, or we should forget about it, it will never come back? I just want to know if I should wait and keep Firefox on my PC. Otherwise although there are dozens of reasons to use Firefox in terms of privacy, security and freedom I don’t need to keep it if I can’t do my basic daily browsing without consuming time to deal with a browser. And please don’t mention about the add-ons. Thank you,

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There are two things you should consider:

  • Using pinned tabs for what you want available at startup.
  • Using the approach you don’t want me to mention.
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