About Discourse and mailing list deprecation

Hi Reps,

in 2017 I started to work on this task for the Council but seems that after only 2 years it is possible to migrate the mailing list to Discourse.

There is an old ticket https://github.com/mozilla/Reps/issues/272 that reference to a ticket from https://github.com/mozilla/discourse/issues/28#issuecomment-537888975

@leo mplemented the auto watch of a category by group in Discourse (for the community portal), and with the support of automatically create a group from mozillians already available this let to remove the mailing list.

So let’s discuss about this task and how we can involve better Reps to join Discourse!


Thanks for posting this. Happy to see that there is now a plugin to do that!

I would love to hear what others think of that. Given that our mailing list is announcement-only right now, I’m still 100% for this change.

Additionally, as we would have a full Mozillians group, I think we could also handle the following through that:

  • Expiration after 12 months (might be more work than checking inactive Reps and removing them - thoughts welcome!)
  • Reps Agreement through the Mozillians group (like the NDA group) - if Legal is okay with that
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