About the Learn category

(Janet Swisher) #1

This category is for anyone learning web development, and particularly those who are working their way through the tutorials on MDN’s Learning web development area.

If you:

  • Are searching for a marking guide for one of the assessments.
  • Have a general question related to learning web development, or are stuck on something.

Please ask here.

If you have questions or comments about MDN more generally, please post in the parent MDN category.

(Don Wagner) #2

Hi @jswisher, I’m working my way through the Learn Web Development series, currently on the Django series, and I have a ongoing communication thread with @hamishwillee over in “https://discourse.mozilla.org/c/mdn”. Would it be more appropriate to move that discussion over here instead?



(Janet Swisher) #3

Hi Don,

Certainly, you can relocate the thread to this category if you like. Since this sub-category is new, it doesn’t have any topics posted yet, or any affordances to encourage new ones. I’ll deal with such housekeeping soon. But please go ahead and move your thread if you’d like.

(Don Wagner) #4


Okay great. Thank you. I have one more question. I identified an editorial change(documentation bug) needed for this page:

The link for this page, located in the left side menu/navigation area, is missing the word ‘math’ from the title. It should read ‘Basic math in Javascript - numbers and operators.’

I attempted to edit the page, however, these links do not appear to be editable in the page editor. My question is what is the best way to report this? It looks like this might fall into the category of a Documentation Bug and therefore reported via bugzilla. Would that be correct and would it be appropriate for me to do that?

Thanks again, I appreciate your help.


(Janet Swisher) #5

Yes, a Developer Documentation bug in Bugzilla is an appropriate way to handle this type of thing. It will get triaged that way. However, it’s unlikely to be considered a high priority bug.

As it happens, that side-navigation menu is created by the LearnSideBar macro, which is maintained in Github. So, if you’re comfortable with Github, you could submit a pull request that fixes this problem. If you’re not, just submit a bug in Bugzilla. (I think that’s preferred over using Github issues. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong.)

(Deedeesilcox8) #6

I am sorry very new at all this trying to figure every thing out