About the Mozilla Allahabad category

Mozilla Allahabad is an online community for those who want to code or can say want to make his career in the field of computer science. It does not matter what is your programming level we welcome every single one with any hesitation.
If you are a totally noob then don’t worry we will first teach about programming languages with practice problems and once you master the language and feel confident enough to code then we start guiding how you can contribute to opensource programs and also what will be the things you will learn from those projects.

Our aim and can say the working structure is a little bit different from others. Here we assign everyone to a task on a daily as well as a weekly basis all he/she has to do is complete his tasks. Tasks are different on the basis of in which domain you want to make your career. Recently we shifted our community from WhatsApp group to Slack. If you want to join us then just let us know and join our community on Mozilla Portal also. Everyone is welcome every time.

If you are a master in any field of computer science and want to guide others in your free time then we welcome you first. It’s on you how you want to be a mentor means you want to guide on a daily or weekly or monthly basis is on you. All you have to do is just inform us.