About the sample rate

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The audio files sample rates in each language of Mozilla, Are they equal value? And; What is the value?

They are all 48 kHz.


How can I lower this sample rate to 16 khz?

You can lower it easily with offline tools like ffmpeg or any other sound processing utility.
The dataset set is 48 kHz and that cannot be changed.

48 kHz is the highest commonly available sampling rate on common devices. You can downsample without much information loss. If it were e.g. 16 kHz, you would have trouble upsampling due to Nyquist Theorem.

BTW, most Voice AI libraries work on WAV files. The CV datasets include MP3 files. So they must already be preprocessed. This is the best place to down-sample also…

For example, in Coqui STT (the new Deepspeech), it is done here, using sox:

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Do you know how this is possible using the MATLAB program ?

No, but found this:

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It’s a good reference.