About the WebVR (Chinese 中文) category

討論 WebVR 的技術相關事宜。包括 WebVR 於各瀏覽器的實作、相關消息、專案分享、新手問題、老手切磋等。

For discussions about WebVR – browser implements, news, project sharing, questions… etc.

簡要規則 / Rules

  1. 雖然這裡大部分的討論板都是英文,但 這裡可以用中文發表 :smiley: (簡繁不拘,請先登入)
  2. WebVR 是非常新的領域,所有問題都不會是笨問題,歡迎多多發問、彼此互助
  3. 可以寄信到 communities+webvr-zh@mozilla-community.org 來在此張貼文章
  4. 無關主題的文章會刪文

  1. This is mainly for people to discuss WebVR in Chinese, but still, you are welcome to create posts in English
  2. WebVR is soooo new, there’s no “stupid question,” just ask questions and help each others! (Be nice.)
  3. You can email to communities+webvr-zh@mozilla-community.org to post to this category
  4. Will only remove posts that totally off topic.

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歡迎各位詢問關於 WebVR 相關的問題,發問後您還可以選擇最佳解答喔!

After post your question, be sure to check back frequently, and choose the best answer: