Access needed to emails being sent to now deleted email address:


I was an intern for Mozilla Corporation during the summer of 2018. I am getting monthly recurring charges for AWS of $10. I had no idea what the charges were for, so I inquired with AWS support and I was told that they are for the account associated with the email address "", which is the email address I had when working at Mozilla. I may have created an AWS account with that email address and started some non-free service, but I do not remember doing so.

I asked AWS support to stop the charges going forward but they told me that this cannot be done without access to the email and, thus, that I would have to contact the IT administrator at Mozilla. Hence, this email is a request for help with stopping the charges. If someone could set up emails going to "" to be sent to "" temporarily, that would be great. However, feel free to suggest another solution.

Please let me know if you need any other information. Thank you!

Alexis Deschamps