"Access to the file was denied" on extension's page refreshing

I’ve got web-extension proxying requests to the local server via nativeMessaging.

If server response with 307 and location “moz-extension://{ext-id}/page.html” browser displays it well. But when I try to refresh the page, error “Access to the file was denied” is occurred. Refreshing in any other cases works well:

  • direct jump to “moz-extension://{ext-id}/page.html”
  • displaying “moz-extension://{ext-id}/page.html” with browser.tabs.update

Such behavior was in several previous versions too, not just in the last 103 and but I didn’t tested if it was always like this.

If I doing something wrong or this is browser issue?

Firefox: 103.0 (64-bit)
OS: macOs moterey 12.5, m1

After small research we find out that the problem appears only if we use addon debugging from the folder. If the xpi archive was used the problem is absent.