Action icon based on system theme after install

I’m working on my extension and faced with a problem, hope you will help to resolve it.
My addon has 3 icons:

  1. Main icon - green color. It’s the main icon that represents the logo of my addon and is also used as a logo on about:addons page
  2. Light icon - white color, will be used as an action icon for users with a dark theme
  3. Dark icon - black color, will be used as an action icon for users with a light theme

all icons are the same, there just a color difference

All of them are used in the manifest file in the next way. I don’t post full manifest, if needed I could do it in the comment

"manifest_version": 2,
"icons": {
		"16": "icons/main/16.png",
		"48": "icons/main/48.png",
"browser_action": {
		"default_icon": {
			"16": "icons/light/16.png",
			"48": "icons/light/48.png",
		"theme_icons": [
				"light": "icons/light/16.png",
				"dark": "icons/dark/16.png",
				"size": 16
				"light": "icons/light/48.png",
				"dark": "icons/dark/48.png",
				"size": 48

theme in the browser could be dark or light but only a light icon will be used immediately after installing the addon. As it is set in browser_action.default_icon property. it doesn’t matter what theme is right now in user’s browser.
if I remove browser_action.default_icon then the “icons” field starts using as a default icon source (with the main green icon).
If the user tries to change his theme, then the correct icon is selected from browser_action.theme_icons array (dark or light).
Is there any way to select the correct icon without additional JS? (browser.runtime.onInstalled event)
As for me it looks like a bug and has incorrect behavior. I think if default_icon is not present, then theme_icons should be used based on the browser theme or OS if theme-auto is selected not icons.