Activate Mozilla - Dive Into Rust

This is a topic to talk about the Activate Mozilla ‘Dive Into Rust’ activity. Get your community behind this exciting new programming language by running a learning event.

More at:

Let us know if you are running the activity, or have any questions.


That’s great @kinger! Looking forward to join some projects on Rust!

Great! I’ll be looking forward to testing Servo builds for Windows!

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Wonderful, Looking forward!

Looking forward to testing a Servo build for Windows!

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[interested] awesome initiative !!

Para My es como una clave y tu my maestra

awesome! looking forward to join projects on Rust!

Awesome initiative! I’m looking forward to join projects on Rust!

Sound so cool, awesome invitation I’m looking forward to join

Hey everyone,

Let us know what do you think about the activity described on the site and if you were able to do it/have questions.

This should be the first step to join this initiative :smiley:


Hi there!

I’m really excited about this chance to show Rust to lots of new people, and would like to help.

I’m on the Rust community team, and we’re interested in supporting reps running Rust events, but we’re not sure how best to help. There’s a good chance we can help people find local Rust experts to pitch in, to help find training materials, or otherwise suggest interesting ways to get into Rust. Please do not hesitate to contact us at or on IRC at #rust-community, or to contact me personally at

If anybody wants to chat with the Rust community team about how best we can collaborate, we invite you to attend next week’s community team meeting on Wednesday, the details of which are here. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll make sure we allocate time in the agenda.

I’m looking forward to this!


Hi Brian,

It would be great pleasure if you can connect with the Rust community.

Thanks and Regards
Anjesh Agrawal

@agrawal_anjesh Yay! Can I ask you to either email or post to and say more about what sort of support would help you? For example, local Rust experts, training materials, advice, etc. Talking in one of those venues will get more Rustacean eyes on the problem than just myself.

Brian King
Looking forward to testing Servo builds for Windows!

This is a great initiative and i want to colaborate with Rust Events.

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Hi Brian

I am very much interested in Rust Programming language . I am learning
Rust. I want to conduct a Rust learning event in my university . The
goal of this event is to introduce Rust and teach Rust to my
university’s student.For this event I need guidelines from You.Please
tell me which which topics I need to discuss on that event. It will be
very helpful , if You provide me some learning resources (slides,videos
etc). Thank You very much .

Hi Rashik.

In a lecture setting, assuming you already have some familiarity with Rust and your students already have some programming experience, I’d say to focus on the things that make Rust unique: ownership, borrowing, lifetimes traits; with an emphasis on how they enable memory safe, high performance abstractions and why those things are important. These topics are fairly nuanced and require a fair understanding of Rust to convey, but this slide deck comes with exercises and has been used successfully a few times.

For more informal settings where the facilitator doesn’t have significant Rust experience an easy type of event to organize that doesn’t require much advance planning is a hack-and-learn, where everybody just gets together in a room with laptops and works through the introductory material in the op.

I’d encourage you to stop by #rust-community on IRC or email the Rust community team at for additional suggestions.

Hi @brson!

You have given the slidedeck links . Can I know how to open this?

I am sorry I could not open this to see the content.

It’s a Mac Keynote slide deck (unfortunately). Niko would like to convert it to an HTML-based format so that more people can access it (and would much appreciate it if somebody else was motivated to do so), but so far hasn’t found the time. There may be keynote converters available, but I haven’t looked into it.