Activate Mozilla - Install Test Pilot

This is a topic to talk about the Activate Mozilla ‘Install Test Pilot’ activity.

When building features for hundreds of millions of Firefox users worldwide, it’s important to get them right. To help figure out which features should ship and how they should work, we created the new Test
Pilot program. Test Pilot is a way for you to try out experimental features and you can also use Test Pilot to provide feedback and suggestions to the teams behind each new feature.

More at:

Let us know if you are running the activity, or have any questions.


Looking forward to start testing!

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I’ve just tried Test Pilot.
I wondered to see all those features like Page Shot, Mid Vid, Tab Center and other. All of current active features are mostly look like add-ons.
Wouldn’t it be better to get all of them as extensions and not to deliver built in Firefox by default?
Wouldn’t it be better to develop and polish the core browser functionality like sync, performance and security instead?

Hi Artem,

The Firefox team already pays a lot of attention to polishing of existing browser features. We’ve traditionally used the extension model as a way of testing potential new browser features. This is just a little different way of doing that, having everything in one place and providing structured space for feedback.

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Thanks Brian for your reply!

Actually I believe that Firefox team pays a lot of efforts to make it better.
I just wanted to say that we should consider which of the new features should be built into the Firefox in the future very carefully. Personally I think that at least half of them should not be even considered for integration.
Anyway, having Test Pilot add-on like one place for testing and getting feedback is really great :slight_smile:

I’m going to post about Test Pilot with short instructions on our Facebook group Mozilla Ukraine.

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