Activate Mozilla - Roadmap

This is a topic to talk about the Activate Mozilla site roadmap.


Hi @george, I was expecting WebVR / A-Frame in the roadmap (as per our offline email conversation). Any plans of adding it soon?

Ya, it’s in progress. See here:

Roadmap needs to be updated.

Great! Thanks for the update. Looking forward for this :slight_smile: \0/

The roadmap has been updated!

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Hello Reps Council,

Are there any plans to update the roadmap for 2018?

Actually we are focusing more on the program after Mission Driven Mozillians and evaluate priorities for the program.
As I know there are no plan for the moment about updates on it.

My suggestion is we can coordinate with Firefox dev tools, CSS grids team (similar to it) or mdn and bring in some activities.

These areas need some more contributors as we have in all other areas.

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