Activate Mozilla - WebVR Camp


(Brian King) #1

This is a topic to talk about the Activate Mozilla ‘WebVR Camp’ activity. The goal is to help us build community around the A-Frame library by conducting a mobilizing / learning event.

More at:

Here you can let us know if you are running the activity, ask questions, or post a summary of your event.

(Rabimba) #2

Just letting you know that this has been going on for some time. Just not under that moniker or not specifically tagged as camp.

One of my old activity in the mozvr blog
and more details here. The resources I prepared for it is also here which later has been reused as well.

And I am certainly not the only one. The community (VR Community as a whole) has been doing some great work too. So maybe keeping a tab on that will help .

And it’s always appreciated if people create original content along with reusing aframe examples and share them.