Add an option to attach a dedicated image for each event on reps portal

Adding an image to each event will help understand the viewer the agenda and other info about the event easily .


Good suggestion @mrinal140

How does this image would be displayed on the event page?


Maybe we could have something like the “cover image” for Facebook which spans the top part of the page?

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Some reps might not have resource to do some graphic stuffs to create image for each event. Anyway, what about current feature, that flickr stream photos based on hashtag? I think it can help already?

  • 1 for the suggestion. :smile:

Flickr stream photos based on a hashtag is more of use once the event gets over.
the cover image of the event will give the organiser a chance to showcase and highlight all the important points of the event. though it can be written in the detailed agenda section. but having an optional choice for the cover image of an event might be useful :smile:

I would suggest having a bug for this and the devs can also share their input on how they can implement it.

Its already there here is the link #1174429

Is there any requirement for that bug to be private?

No, there is not, Nuke removed the protection.