Add bookmarks 2 - can this be bought up by FF and routinely updated

(bingoo222) #1

Driving me and hundreds of other users nuts because FF still can’t see how beautifully essential this addon is regarding quickly and efficiently adding organized bookmarking… ie, it’s not being updated with latest FF version.
Please check the addons reviews FF - you’re driving people nuts and driving some away from using FF by not formally adopting this add-on.
It is essential!

(Andreas Wagner) #2

It’s up to the developer to update the add-on to make it work with Firefox Quantum (57).

(Makyen) #3


What was asked by the OP was if the add-on functionality could be included in Firefox. While this isn’t the correct way to request new Firefox features (file a feature request bug) and which portion of the functionality the user desires to be included needs to be more clearly defined, dismissing an inquiry in that way is not conducive to good relations with users. It effectively tells them that Mozilla doesn’t care what it’s users desire, and isn’t interested in improving Firefox in ways requested by users. It would have been much better for you to explain what the normal process is for requesting new features in Firefox.

Ultimately, it’s Mozilla’s responsibility to deliver a product, Firefox, which people desire to use. Dismissively responding to a user’s well-meant request for improvement is not a good way to achieve that.

Specific to Add Bookmark Here 2 (ABH2)

Given that there isn’t any functionality which ABH2 implements which is possible under WebExtensions, it’s a bit condescending to say that it’s the developer’s responsibility to make it work with FF57+.

Note that while it would be possible for an extension to completely re-implement the bookmarks interface to get some of the functionality of ABH2, doing so is still not possible due to WebExtensions not having any API which permits extensions to read or write Tags, Keywords, Description, and other options available to Firefox bookmarks (e.g. load in sidebar).

Thus, given that the functionality ABH2 implements isn’t possible in a WebExtension, it’s not an unreasonable thing to ask if it can be integrated into Firefox. However, doing so, obviously, requires much more detail as to exactly what’s desired.

At least for me, the primary features ABH2 provided were:

  1. An entry in the bookmark folder drop-down list which caused the current page to be bookmarked into the selected folder. Frankly, this is a relatively easy feature to implement and include in Firefox. IMO, it significantly increases the functionality of the bookmark drop-down interface. Personally, I’ll probably end up using bookmarks much less just due to the lack of this feature.

  2. Show (and make functional) all of the entries already existing in the add/edit bookmark dialog. Currently, this interface is dumbed-down and provides a fraction of the convenience (for power users) of showing and having fully functional these already existing, but hidden, entries (i.e. they currently exist in the code for the add/edit bookmark dialog, but they are hidden and not fully functional if just shown using userChrome.css).

    In order for a power user to enter/change some of this data they must, without ABH2, bookmark the page, then navigate to the bookmark in the bookmark drop-down and edit the bookmark’s properties, which then brings up a dialog where this information can be entered/changed.

(Peter T) #4

That’s a no-go due to the nature of WebExtensions. From

The significant majority of the things ABH2 does are not remotely possible to do as a WebExtension. For example:

It's not possible to add an entry to any bookmark drop-down menu (i.e. no "Add Bookmark Here...", no "Open all in tabs")
It's not possible to change the Edit Bookmark Dialog (in any way)
It's not possible to change the Bookmarks menu (in any way)

the quoted text was written by Makyen. :slight_smile: