Add community sites to health

From some communities we asking if would be possible to add our community sites to dashboard [1] for monitoring our server, where we hosted our sites and blogs dedicated to mozilla and his products.

we can contribute to maintenance or other task as needed!

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Thanks for bringing this up! It’s actually really expensive for us to do this. @mrz is already paying out of pocket for Pingdom, if we added any more it would about triple the cost. I’ll try to look into some alternatives to Pingdom, but that’s pretty low in my queue right now.

@tanner what was the open source monitoring tool @pierros suggested time ago on a bug about this? Maybe we can set something for communities based on that with no extra cost.


@r_oVhPfcJCUUC5wbm6i4_C2Q If you found a bug would be useful but I think maybe you refer to Nagios, is the only tool free for this purpose that I know.

Found them. @pierros suggestions were:

Maybe we can set up something like this for all community sites/services?

Like I say on issue of mozilla hispano github, I use uptimerobot for some basic tasks like monitoring ports and works fine for me, maybe we start with this and then could be found another tool what complementing this tool.

I’ve also found this service with a lot of stuff in the free plan:

I don’t know which one is better for our needs.

We tend to gravitate towards “free” but I wouldn’t shy away from paid services.

Pingdom and StatusHub do cost money but that in itself isn’t bad and isn’t a reason to abandon.

Perhaps a better way to start is with requirements. I had loose requirements a year ago when I spun those up and our needs may have changed.

For us as Mozilla Hispano, we would like to know:

  • P1: All our websites and services are up and don’t return any errors, get notified about this (email+IM)
  • P2: Our server is healthy: CPU, memory, disks, no major errors in main processes.
  • P3: Our sites are fast, or at least there is no major delay in serving content.

We’ve actually got permission to use MoFo’s Pingdom account (within reason, they aren’t on a high-tier plan), and uptime robot seemed ok when we were using it.

Since the majority of our community sites are still on VPS’es, Nagios is probably the best solution if we want to monitor things like CPU and disk usage.

Or maybe stop wasting time trying to cater to the old platform, and let’s
get the new platform going