Add-on corrupt error message

(Tanookirby) #1

I am looking to test my own version of an existing extension, but when I try to load it, I keep getting the message that the addon is corrupt. I have posted a similar topic that lead me to learn how to package extension files before, but that was for a legacy version. Is there a different method for packaging a web extension?

Here’s where you can find the files that comprise the extension I’m trying to test.

Introduction to Add-on Development
(Martin Giger) #2

Could you describe how you are trying to load your extension?

(Tanookirby) #3

At first, I tried to load it by opening it up with firefox, and that’s when I get the corrupt message. It turns out that I can load this addon temporarily through about:degbugging, but it turns out the option I tried to add, the “display page break” check box, is not functioning properly. I seem to get the option.html and option.js correct, but I can’t grasp how to get autopagerize.js to pull the information from option.js. My attempts can be found on lines 314, 325, and 331. Any ideas on that as well as how to package a web extension?

(Martin Giger) #4


Alternatively you can use the web-ext command line tool, that also offers a feature similar to about:debugging: