Add-on corrupted on upload to add-on store

(Edward) #1

I manage the Private Internet Access firefox extension and noticed that the latest version of our add-on uploaded to the store somehow got corrupted. The xpi that I uploaded is fine and I can install it manually, but the version on the add-on page is corrupted. I tried to download the file from the developer dashboard and that version is corrupted. Please advise.

Product Page:

(Jorge) #2

Did you fix the problem? I was able to install it from the add-on page.

(Edward) #3

Yea it looks like just bumping the version and uploading it seems to work. Although not sure what the original error was. I think the cert files generated were corrupted or something.

(Vincent) #4

I’m currently running into the same problem, and have already tried bumping the version. I’m going to bump it one more time to see if that fixes it, but if more people are running into this, this might be a problem on the AMO side…

(Jorge) #5

We discovered an issue with recent changes to the signing system. The changes were temporarily turned off to investigate and fix the issue. So, there might have been some inconsistent signing happening in the past weeks.

(Vincent) #6

Can confirm that it’s currently working for me again. See also here: