Add-on developper hub - add-on language issue

Hi everyone,

My add-on, Autofile, was developped using English language but I am located in France. In the < Manage > < edit information > window ( I entered all information in English however it was handled as if it were in French.

So I tried to click " Localize for: [English (US) ]" at the top of the < edit information > window. Then I updated each field by clicking Edit button after changing a few words - all in English.

It worked fine for Basic Information.

However it refused to update Add-on Details, which contains the field Description, and I get the following with the error message which I marked in italics, at the very beginning, and which appeared in red:
Add-on Details
Before changing your default locale you must have a name, summary, and description in that locale. You are missing ‘description’.
Add-on Details for Autofile - fast e-mail to folder filing
Description ?
English (US)
Read an e-mail, hit the Autofile button and your e-mail is automatically filed to the right mail folder based on the sender’s address with no drag and drop needed.

If the current sender’s address is not yet known from Autofile, Autofile asks you in what mail folder it will have to store mails from this sender. The next time you receive an e-mail from this sender, you will just hit the Autofile button to register it to this folder.

To accelerate the learning process, Autofile offers also to auto-register e-mail addresses and their target folder by inspecting all mail folders down the folder hierarchy starting from a root folder you specify.

At any time you can clear the Autofile memory for one sender e-mail address of for all sender e-mail addresses in a folder hierarchy.

Use Ctl + Shift + W as a shortcut for hitting the Autofile button.

Because it makes things so simple, this add-on will save you lots of time and fluidify the way you handle your mail.

Note: the add-on offers basically the same kind of service as the now defunct filemail add-on, with the advantage of an accelerated fast learning of target folders and added flexibility on recording de-recording e-mail addresses. Autofile works also in multi-accounts environment.
Some HTML supported.
Default Locale ?
English (US)
Homepage ?
English (US)
Save Changes or Cancel

So basically it does not want to update Add-on Details (which contains the Description ) because it says I did not give a description, while I am actually giving a description in the field Description!

How can I get out of this deadlock?

Thank you.