Add-On downloads aren't working

I wanted to download the Adblock Plus Add-On but it always says that it’s not possible because Firefox assumes it to be a damaged file. I just want to download Adblock Plus is there another way to download it or fix this issue of Firefox ?

Thanks in advance
PS. I’m using Firefox for the first time

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Hi tw_fan, is this the only extension you can’t install, or does it affect everything you try on the Mozilla Add-ons site?

Which version of Firefox are you running – for example, current regular release 67.0.2, Extended Support Release of Firefox 60?

Have you experienced any issues with connecting to or displaying secure sites (HTTPS addresses) ?

It depends some Add-ons work and some don’t like the Adblock Plus Add-on I always used Adblock Plus but in the end I was forced to use another Adblocker because Adblock Plus wouldn’t work. I’ve tried several Add-ons through the day and like I said before some worked and the other ones didn’t

Hi @tw_fan! Can you list all extensions you have installed with links to where you installed them from and note which ones aren’t working?

Like @jscher2000 said, it would also help to know which version of Firefox you are using.

The thing is I don’t remember exactly which Add-ons didn’t work I only remember the Adblock Plus Add-on and that’s it. I know that there were some other Add-ons but I just found them via Google it’s not like I wrote them down

I’m using the 66.0.3 (64-Bit) version of Firefox. I’m not sure if there’s already a newer version where I’m from

The current release is 67.0.2. Are you installing through a special method, such as a Linux package manager or a corporate-managed installation? If not, see:

I’m pretty new to Firefox. Before I switched to Firefox I used Google Chrome and Google Chrome automatically updated itself. Does Firefox do the same ?

It should by default, yes. There is a section in about:preferences#general about updates which also shows some information about the past updates etc.