Add-on/Extension for editing context menu?

Does anybody know of an add-on/extension, for newest versions of FF, that lets you edit the context menu ?
For instance, deleting an item from the context menu or re-arranging the items in the context menu, etc…
I’ve searched the add-ons page & this forum but have not been able to find any info about anything related to that.
Thanks in advance for any info/knowledge anyone can provide.
Happy Holidays,

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Hi Chris, extensions cannot modify context menus (other than adding their own items).

You will need to look into using a userChrome.css file. Users on the following subreddit can help:

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Hi J…thanks for the info, I took a quick peek at the thread you suggested & it looks like pretty great with a lot of info.
Thanks so much for your help.
Happy Holidays & wish you well for the New Year.