Add-on for Jitsi Meet integration

One of the limitations of email is that you can’t do video/voice calling over email, but… why not? The Riot.IM Matrix app adds video/voice calling by integrating Jitsi Meet. It’s certainly possible to do this with email too.

In fact, some email programs already do similar things. Spike Mail has added video/voice calling to email (via their proprietary server)… Outlook on Windows has plug-ins from Microsoft that add “New Skype Meeting” or “New Teams Meeting” buttons which let you create video conference appointments in the calendar and then email the invitations to whomever.

I’ve already posted this suggestion in the Jitsi Meet Community forum, and some one else has already made a plug-in for Outlook x86 that adds integration for Jitsi Meet so that users can easily create video conferencing appointments using the hosted Jitsi Meet servers OR their own self-hosted Jitsi Meet servers.

Wouldn’t that kind of thing be nice for Mozilla Thunderbird to have, too?

I feel like there are lots of opportunities for integrating Jitsi’s open-source video conferencing server/software with Thunderbird’s email, chat, and calendar capabilities.

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Indeed, it would be great to have a Thunderbird extension to schedule a meeting thanks to a button for Lightning: “create a new Jitsi event” :slight_smile: A similar project exists for Outlook, I’d love to see 2 open source software have a common link :slight_smile: