Add-on for opening URLs in new tabs


Hi all,

I am looking for a (simple) add-on that enables me that all URLs I type in to be opened in a new tab.
For example:

  • I type in a URL --> new tab opens automatically
  • I type in a search term in the search field --> new tab opens automatically
  • I click on a bookmark --> new tab opens automatically

I would appreciate every advice. If you can recommend “more powerful” add-ons helping with customizing tabs, I would be most grateful. For instance, in the past, add-ons like “TabUtilities” offered functions like this and many more.

Many thanks in advance!

(Adrian Aichner) #2

Using CTRL+CLICK in a webpage should open the link in a new tab. That’s what I always use when I need it.

(Janosik19886) #3

TabMix Plus did exactly that and more. Too bad it’s not compatible with the latest version of Firefox. The developer might accept a bounty to get it to work…


Thanks but this doesn’t help for bookmarks, typing in search terms or URLs…