Add-on getting rejected on submission

Hello Support-Team,

My Add-on Trellix Endpoint Security Web Control is an unlisted add-on which we get signed by Mozilla and distribute along with our product i.e Trellix Endpoint Security.
The purpose of this add-on is to monitor the traffic going through firefox browser and block any malicious site visited by user and for that we need site Url.
We have made we few bug fix in our add-on and when we went to get our add-on signed by Mozilla, then it’s getting rejected saying user consent is required to collect tab url.
Since this extension will be installed by group administrators on their managed environment so how can they be sure about whether user’s have installed it or not. This may lead to systems been left vulnerable.

We have a product release which is on halt due to add-on not been signed. Please help us get this add-on signed so that we can proceed.
This add-on is protecting millions of endpoint using Trellix Endpoint Security.

Add-on Name -: Trellix Endpoint Security Web Control
Add-on URL -:…/5884b0ea6d234cbfa0e6

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Hey @MBENS_WebcontrolExtension! AMO policy requires that all Mozilla-signed extensions prompt users for consent when collecting data. That said, we realize that consent may be granted in different ways in managed environments. As such, the policy also allows extension installed via Firefox policies to bypass the in-app consent experience:

Add-ons installed in an enterprise environment can bypass the consent experience when they are installed by enterprise policy. For more information, refer to the enterprise documentation.

Hope that helps!