Add-On like Noia for Quantum

Looking but not found add-on like Noia, want different better looking icons
in the firefox toolbar.
Any suggestions??

Currently, most modifications to the appearance of the toolbar area need to be done through a userChrome.css file. You can ask about custom style rules on this subreddit:

The author of Classic Theme Restorer has a folder called “noiabuttons” here, which might get you started or at least show what is possible:

If you haven’t worked with a userChrome.css file before, I have a help site here:

Good luck.

hi again

OK I think I got it but do have one more question.

The link you gave me for the noia replacement there are a few choices of
css files to choose from. Do I add all of them to my userchrome.css or only
the one I want to use? They are kinda confusing as to which css/s to add.


Unfortunately, I never used Noia so I don’t know.

When I look at the lines in userChrome.css, the ones that are commented out often have some indication about the difference, for example, different sized icons. So then you could “uncomment” the ones that are most applicable (delete /* from the beginning of the line).

Other ones don’t mean anything to me, but could correspond to checkboxes/selections for the original extension:

/* icons for default browser buttons */
@import url(./css/toolbar_buttons_noia.css); /**/
/* @import url(./css/toolbar_buttons_firefox1.css); /**/
/* @import url(./css/toolbar_buttons_firefox2.css); /**/
/* @import url(./css/toolbar_buttons_firefox3.css); /**/
/* @import url(./css/toolbar_buttons_firefox3aero.css); /**/

Maybe if there’s a screenshot of the old extension options you can match them up.