Add-on new feature HELP!

(Leonardo Sedevcic) #1

Hi my add-on works fine

But i would like to integrate to the add-in installation the function who can add a rule to the windows registry for preventing the add-on too be removed or disabled by user.

Or if it’s possible to add a password who prevent Users from removing disabling the add-on

I hope to get help from advanced developers, :smiley: Thanks to everyone and Happy New Year 2019

Add-on policy
(Martin Giger) #2

That’s not something you can do from an add-on. You could possibly do something toward that by having an OS specific installer that also installs the extension.

(Leonardo Sedevcic) #3

strange because i use the method for the Chrome version and it work, users cant remove the add-on,only if they know how to use the win registry but for teens, and regular user,s it’s almost impossible !

but for the Firefox version i don’t know ho to make the reg file, for use with windows registry.
it has to be something like this i think for the reg file…

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

(Martin Giger) #4

Using sideloading you can make it so a user can’t remove an extension. They can however still disable it.

Alternatively you can use an enterprise policy called “Extensions” on about:policies#documentation to install and lock an extension. There’s also a policy to disable add-on management overall.

(Leonardo Sedevcic) #5

i think maybe this?


“policies”: {
“Extensions”: {
“Install”: [“”, “//path/to/xpi”],
“Uninstall”: [“”],
“Locked”: [“”]

(jscher2000) #6

Is there an extension API for that which Firefox doesn’t support (yet)?

(Leonardo Sedevcic) #7

Don’t know, i’m trying to add a function to my add-on to prevent removing&disabling by users once installed :smiley: