Add on rejected due to use of innerHTML

(Wital) #1

Add on got rejected because of the use of innerHTML. Although there is no use of innerHTML throughout the source code. But I suspect this is because of the use of ReactJs. Can anyone point me to the right direction here ? How to overcome this issue ?


(Martin Giger) #2

How are you bundling react? You need to use react from the minimized file that they distribute and not modify it at all. AMO should then recognize react in the validation report.


(Wital) #3

I am using parcel as the bundler and building it by running parcel build. Nothing fancy actually. And yes the build files automatically use the minified js/html files. I have not modified anything


(Martin Giger) #4

But you’re bundling it. You have to not bundle it. Instead include the raw file from the react package and load it with a script tag etc. and make parcel know that React is on a global, for example.

I don’t know how exactly you’d achieve that with parcel, only done it with webpack.


(Wital) #5

Oh, cool got that. I will fix it and let you know thanks a lot man!.