Add-on request - better email editor window

(Bdj) #1

I don’t know if this is the place to put this, but I am having trouble with the built-in editor.

When I am composing a complex message, I find it easier to use Open Office Writer for composing… Because of my eyesight, I use a larger font size. When I copy my text from Open Office to the email edit page, it not only pastes as very small type (my default in my Thunderbird settings is 16pt) and the space between paragraphs is about 4 lines deep. If I try to enlarge the pasted type, nothing happens with the line height and the word wrap overlaps the lines. I have not found any way to correct this in the Thunderbird edit screen.

It would be very nice if there were a true wysiwyg editor addon.

(Bdj) #2

Sorry for the typ0 :-{ As you can see I do have an eyesight problem - which is why I compose in a a desktop editor. My face is so red!

(Albert Scheiner) #3


Sorry if that question sounds silly, but the “Larger font size” button doesn’t help?

(Dugite Code) #4

No real need for an addon

You can just Press Ctrl and + to zoom in. Or use the menu view -> Zoom

As long as you don’t reset it it will stay set for all your emails Ctrl + 0 to reset

This also has the advantage of not modifying the text size for the recipient of your emails


(Chris Ramsden) #5

You can set Thunderbird to display using whatever size you want. It doesn’t affect any size instructions embedded into the message text.


Or create a userContent.css file to set a global display font size.