Add-on suggestion request reguarding collections

Hey all
I would like to put forth an idea for a new Theme/Add-on sharing via collections.
This would entail having a variation of collections that are use specific, for example Privacy & Security. These will only be allowed to contain relevant material and sometimes off topic material with an personal description detailing why its there.
ie) Skip Redirect

Collector’s note

“Helps keep web links from taking you on “detours” mostly places you don’t want to go.
If a site has not upgraded to https from http incoming connections can be (and have been) hijacked to phishing sites…among other things…”

These are then submitted and reviewed by moderators…possibly peers?
Before they can be found on a new tab within Firefox Browser ADD-ONS.
Identical copies of collections will be marked as duplicates, and the one with the most helpful description will stay or be added.