Add-on Support

Need Help Badly…
Firefox Disabled my IDM’s Add-on and I am suffering alot.
There is no option left in the browser to enable it again.
Firefox can’t block my add-on besides my permission. Please help me to enable it again.

Hi Salman, please contact the developer of the extension and ask them to distribute an update.

How about you do your job and re-enable IDM extension ?
I mean how arrogant are you to think IDM company will actually update it’s extension for your screw up ?
What will happen if they don’t update it ? what will you do then?
What if they updated it and someone else reported it again ? will you still wait till it’s updated again ?
This is so unprofessional. if you can’t implement a new feature correctly then don’t create new features :rage: and stop asking other people to fix your mess
It has been 5 days and it’s getting annoying

This is seriously frustrating. I’ve been using this add-on multiple times a day for years and years. It’s not like IDM is some new software recently created in someones basement lol. If it’s not resolved soon, I will be moving to another web browser.

This is the IDM support page for fixing broken integration with Firefox:

Dear Mr jscher2000
The problem isn’t an outdated IDM integration. no Firefox Marked the latest integration as a security risk based on one person report which forces the integration to be disabled with no option to re-enable. The firefox support instead of solving the problem by removing that report wants us to beg IDM company to release another integration update without any assurance that this won’t happen again. so in short they will do NOTHING !!
The only solution that we have right now is to use another browser