Add-ons @ All Hands - June 2017

(Caitlin Neiman) #1

If you’re interested in keeping up with Mozilla’s upcoming All Hands, please feel free to follow along with the following recordings and notes. This post may be updated over the next two weeks as more information becomes available.

Add-ons Agenda
The add-ons agenda is available here. As a quick note, all times are listed in Pacific.

Recorded Sessions
There will be no plenary session, but if you have a vouched profile on, you can watch the Firefox All Hands session on Air Mozilla after it airs.

Want to watch the session but need your profile to be vouched? Send me an email with a brief statement of your contributions to Mozilla and a link to your Mozillians profile. It’s helpful – but optional – if you include links to your contributions to Mozilla.

Add-ons Session Notes

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(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

An amazing week for Mozillians but also for the addon ecosystem :smiley:

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