Add-ons Community meetings: New date and time!

Hi all,

Starting February 10, 2020, the Add-ons Community meetings will occur every other Monday at 16:30 UTC (check your timezone here). I look forward to starting my week off with ya’ll. :slight_smile:

During the February 10 meeting, we’ll recap the recent work week in Berlin and provide updates about extension support in the new Firefox for Android, planned Google Summer of Code/Outreachy summer intern projects, and wayfinding around new Mozilla chat platforms. As always, please feel welcome to add anything else you would like to discuss to the agenda.

This meeting will be available for streaming on Air Mozilla.


Thank you for the update @caitmuenster. :+1:

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Quick update regarding the add-on community time: beginning February 24, the meeting will start at 17:00 UTC (check your timezone here).