Add-ons for Android Firefox don't update automatically

The add-ons already has a new version, but the add-ons I installed doesn’t auto-update, I didn’t find any option to turn on auto-update

Give it 24 hours. The update interval is somewhat slow and it can take a whole day for it to update.

And sadly, Android is missing the button “Check for updates” that would fix that.

Is it true that only add-ons installed from the default recommended list on the official are automatically updated. The add-ons I installed from my self-built add-ons favorites list have not been automatically updated?

It was for sure working before (with a usual long delay), but recently, as they plan to open whole addons ecosystem to everyone, something may have changed.

For example if the new version is not marked as “Android ready” correctly, the addon will not update to it (I’m guessing only).
Did you add the gecko_android to your manifest file? (also see the blog)

I think I’ve roughly understood now. I referred to this article I manually installed desktop add-ons onto the mobile version. Is this situation different from the built-in add-ons collection of Firefox for Android, and thus cannot be automatically updated? My understanding is that as long as the desktop add-on is correctly adapted to the subsequent open policy, it can enjoy automatic updates.