Add-ons submissions help needed

Hey all,

I’m looking to submit my add-on to Firefox, however I ran into a small bump, as I’ll need to share my extension’s source code.

I have 2 main issues I’m facing, it would be great if anyone can share any tips you might have about them:

  1. My extension is setup in a monorepo, so there are a lot of interconnected libraries, I’m wondering if I should move the extension along with whatever it needs from other libraries to a separate repo, just for the purpose of submitting the extension.
    But I’m worried any restructuring I do might change some of the generated files (maybe file paths/imports), so I’m not sure how strict is the approval process for that is.
    This would also make things harder to maintain, let’s say I want to update my extension later on, then there would be a lot work to sync my monorepo with the extension’s repo.
  2. My other issue that one of the packages I’m using in my package.json is a private package, would it be possible to invite the add-on reviewer to its private repo so they can see the source code, or do I need to find another solution.

Thanks in advance.