Add-ons that have a BrowserAction with a Panel aren't displaying the Panel

Add-ons that don’t have BrowserActions are behaving normally.

Add-ons that have BrowserActions that don’t have Panels are behaving normally.

Non-panel-based features of add-ons whose BrowserActions open Panels work.

Clicking those BrowserActions that are supposed to display panels has the effect of (visually) toggling (what is apparently) active/inactive state of the button, but no panel appears.

All add-ons that have BrowserActions with panels are affected by this. These include, Persistent Highlighter, Archive URL, NoScript, PageSaver WE, Search All Tabs.

What version of Firefox are you on (including OS)?

newest version

We’ve seen other reports of add-ons crashing in Firefox 80 but I haven’t seen anything specific to BrowserActions with panels.

@n8chz, can you file a bug so we can look into it?