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Hi there!

After announcing the end of support for the Army of Awesome last year, we started a onboarding project where we wrote some articles and made some videos to keep social support going through the #fxhelp hashtag on social networks. This ultimately generated the Social Helpers Add-on (repository) to guide in the first steps of how to contribute, what it is to be a Social Helper, how to access the Reply tool and set up TweetDeck to answer questions. As well as canned responses, tips from the community and links to other helpful material.

I have followed that most SUMO contributors are developers and several of them develop Add-ons and have some published in their AMO accounts. What I have proposed through this post is that everyone who has ideas and want to contribute to the development of Add-ons that facilitate the life of new contributors (even long time contributors) to give suggestions and see if it is feasible to create a group, even a repository to do that.

With the new contributors appearing with doubts on how to contribute to a certain area within SUMO, we could create a Add-on collection for SUMO to share the Add-ons that help in each area, to help everyone.

If possible, leave your comment below so we can see what you think. I hope we can talk about this on the next SUMO community meeting.



Hi Jhonatas,

Thank you so much for posting this. In addition to what Jhonatas said, from our Telegram conversation the other day, we also brainstorm about an add-ons to notify sumo forum contributors when user post a new question. Jhonatas is still investigating if Kitsune has an API for that.

If anyone of you have any idea in mind, please let us know here so we can discuss it together. I have also set up an AMO collection for SUMO add-ons. I hope I would be able to add more add-ons soon.

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Here are some I find useful:

Nightly Tester Tools

Side View

Grammerly for Firefox

Certainly Something (Certificate Viewer)

Transfer Send for Firefox

Wayback Machine

Twitter Container

I do use others, but these are the ones I find handy for helping users in SUMO.


Yes, these Add-ons can be indicated to contribute in some areas. I particularly use Side View in the KB.


Thanks for sharing those, Paul. I use some of them as well on my Firefox and those are indeed very helpful. Added on the SUMO collection.

I started the project to notify new questions in the forum, in the following repository, based on an old extension made by @philipp (Thank you!) and that no longer works correctly in the new versions of Firefox, being necessary to modify and adapt much of the code. Once I have a available version of it, I will provide as experimental.

Anyone who wants to contribute with the code or the translation of the strings into your language, please feel free to send a Pull Request.