Add option to disable submenu introduced in latest Changes to the tab context menu in Firefox 78

As we all now latest firefox 78 update brought some changes to tab context menu:

Changes probably were unwanted for many, including me. I would love to have an option (because firefox is always advertised as “users having choice and customisation options”) to remove sub-menu and just have these options available directly.
Such small change is somewhat annoying in long run. I use this option often and now I have more clicking to do. I know that you plan to add “close tabs to the left” soon but I do not plan to use it, and worst case scenario I can get used to having 3 options instead of 2, but it is hard for me to get used to having to hover over sub-menu, wait for it to pop-up, and finally then choose preferred option.

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I too share this opinion on the change. In my line of work, it hinders me.

Add-ons have been written to replace the menu items (and a new form):

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Thanks! That is really helpful!
Because I now plan to use only these add-ons instead of built in menu - do you know any way to remove “close multiple tabs” firefox menu from right-click menu?
Old firefox had some add-ons to manage context menu but I think it is impossible in newer versions :frowning:

P.S. Looks like they’ve tried to push these changes in 2018 already!

There seems to be a guide to do it without addons: