Add support for importing my extension from Chrome

Firefox can import extensions from Chrome (Firefox users may import Chrome extensions now). Firefox uses a mapping between the extension in the Chrome Web Store and Firefox Browser Add-ons. A list of supported extensions is available at

I’m developing the Cast Kodi extension for Firefox ( and Chrome (gojlijimdlgjlliggedhakpefimkedmb). I’d like to add it to this list. Do you know where to make the request to add my extension to the list?


I found issue Store a mapping of AMO add-ons and extension IDs from other browsers in mozilla/addons-server repository.

For instance, if an add-on is published on both AMO and the Chrome Store, we’d like to have that stored in the AMO database. But not necessarily for all add-ons, only for some add-ons and only AMO admins should be able to edit this mapping for now.

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