Add Telugu Language to Common Voice

How do I start contributing to Telugu Language dataset.

Telugu is a part of Dravidian language family spoken by 81 million speakers natively and 11 million (non native).

Hey @morpheus, welcome. Telugu is already among Common Voice languages, but not ready to collect voice corpus yet:


You and your community should continue to translate the UI (using the Pontoon tool, it was 75% min needed, but the more the better) and fulfill the 2000-sentence text-corpus requirement of the language by adding public domain / cc-0 sentences to the Sentence Collector (1 person adds, 2 others validate).

After that, the language will be available for recording audio. You can read about the process and get links for the tooling from the About page…

Thank you for the reply. Looks like the contributors are not active any more. Also the mailing list link and telegram group links are not working any more.
Is there a way for me to revive this project ?