Adding 15.0 common voice dataset to huggingface

Hi All!
I assume that it’s the right place to ask my question.
The Georgian dataset has increased recently up to 150hr total. I am exploring the options for STT model training. I have seen the 13.0 version of the common voice dataset on huggingface and I was wondering if 15.0 is in progress and will see it soon.
If it’s not the right place to ask then please let me know where and how to communicate that.

Hi Anzor, just a community member here, but you should contact Hugging Face about this - HF supports the CV dataset on Hugging Face, not the Common Voice team. The best place to ask is the HF Forums. The person who has the most to do with CV on Hugging Face is Vaibhav Srivastav, and you may want to tag him specifically on the forum.