Adding bouncing balls features - Assessment Wanted

Hi there,

Kindly asking for an assessment of my code for the additional bouncing balls features. :pray:t4:

Code here.

Thank you in advance - happy new year :slight_smile:.

Amazing code @Phil_G

Everything works as expected.

I have just one point to keep in mind:
Using e.key with an American keyboard layout works fine. When a user with (for example) a French keyboard layout plays the game, their β€œa” key would be at a different position on the keyboard and there won’t be a nice WASD cross.
To tackle this problem you could use e.code. This property uses the position of the key on an America keyboard. So β€œKeyA” is always at the same position no matter which letter actually is on that key on a different layout.

I hope my explanation is understandable. If not, just ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @mikoMK, thank you for the feedback and apologies for the delayed response. Was bouncing through a few tutorials without assessments as such so didn’t check in here for some days.

Re your feedback, all clear thank you. So basically just access the .code property as opposed to the .key property on that interface?

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Exactly! and changing the values in the cases (e. g. β€œa” :arrow_right: β€œKeyA”)

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