Addon Not Showing After Installation


We noticed that our addon does not show in the task bar after install in Firefox. It works fine before and and works when locate the addon from local zip file, which is the same zip file we submitted.

Here is the Firefox I am using:
|Name |Firefox|
|Version |89.0.2|
|Build ID |20210622155641|

No obvious errors in the console as well.

Any help is truly appreciated! Thank you!

If the Firefox profile you’re testing in is in “permanent private browsing”, as in is set up to delete all browsing data on exit you have to explicitly allow the extension to run in private browsing.

Apart from that, it’s possible you’ve previously moved the browser_action out of the toolbar, so it’s not showing up when you install the extension, because the profile remembers that you removed the button. To show it, right click the toolbar and select “Customize Toolbar…”, it should then be in the palette there.

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Hi Martin, thank you for the help. Really appreciate. I wonder if there is a way to use the code to force the icon to re-added to toolbar after re installation? It was very confusing to me, a developer. And could be confusing to our users as well. Thank you!

Hi @hanglihl, we’ve heard similar requests and we are open to fixing this on the Firefox side! Could you please file a bug in the WebExtensions :: Frontend component?