Addon submission is taking longer than usual (mail)


Yesterday I added my first extension + a newer version of it, hoping that it will get reviewed and made public today/tomorrow. But today I received an email telling me “Your submission is taking longer than usual to be reviewed and signed.”. The status still shows “Awaiting Review”.
Is it normal to wait that long for a 56kb file…

Thank you

It’s normal that the initial review takes longer on the weekend.

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I have an addon that’s been in review since July 16. It’s over 3 weeks since submission.

Can someone explain what is causing the slow down?

FYI: I just got reviewed today !


In other threads, there was a way to share your extension’s info with site admins so they could research it. Maybe @caitlin or another moderator can help.

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Hi @illusion, if you can tell me the name or preferably the ID of your add-on, I can look into it.

Hi Caitlin,

I had emailed you under StubTabs yesterday.

Thank you for the response.

I’ve been waiting on my WebExtension: to be reviewed for over 3 weeks. After 3 weeks of review time, I even tried to create a new point release to see if someone would review the new release. Is something wrong with