Addon to show video in top corner when scrolling it away

(e-motiv) #1

I was wondering if this kind of add-on exists. I got the idea from several sites that do this, like Facebook and more.
So when there is a video playing and the user scrolls down or up to read the text of the page, but the video becomes invisible, the video gets substracted from the page (as it seems) and put on the top right corner of the page, fixed in place. This way you can read further and still watch the video or at least see if there is a moment you want your eyes on the video and not on the text.
I tried searching Addons site, but I keep getting unrelated addons. So maybe it doesn’t exist or does it?
If it doesn’t, I might create it myself. I’m a addon developer. I was wondering if the API is sufficient to detect when the video is playing.

(Martin Giger) #2

Kind of like what tried to attempt? Or just the in-page PIP video?

(jscher2000) #3

I’m not sure. There is an audible property for a tab, but whether that is from an audio source or a video source may not be easily determined. Perhaps you’ll need to check all the players in the page to see whether they are playing…

(e-motiv) #4

Well, that would be ideal, and though I have the “Youtube PopOut Video” addon, that does the same, the pop-out can’t stay on top unless you manually set it each time with Windows (in my case). But that was indeed my first thought. But since there are issues with this of which I’ve read they are not really solvable soon, I was going for more an in-page pop-out.

Thanks for the link though! Very interesting! Pity I can’t find their code to have a look at it and pity they don’t talk about the more technical problems.

Thank you!

(Martin Giger) #5

Note that it does no longer work due to the recent extension API changes and had multiple window decoration etc. issues, which is one of the main problems of floating, borderless windows.

(e-motiv) #7

Thank you, but I’ve meanwhile had an Aha-erlebnis!
I don’t need the API for this specifically! I just use the javascript video events!!
Just had to “pop it out” of the back of my mind.
Forgive me of not thinking this through! Thank you though!