Addon Validation Error

(Juraj Masiar) #1

Sorry, we couldn’t load your WebExtension.

Error: Validation was unable to complete successfully due to an unexpected error.

Check to ensure your webextension is valid or file a bug at

Any ideas? My new version now includes translations to Fr, Es, Ru, Sk, probably it has something to do with that but I cant figure out what.
I’ve reported the bug here:

But it’s kind of urgent, I really need to release a new version asap.

I’m trying now release it for Chrome as well and I get “default_locale field is missing in manifest.” error. So this is probably similar, but my manifest file contains it and the _locales folder is also there and I can load the extension so I don’t really understand what could be the issue :frowning:

Never mind, seems like my npm zip tool cannot create correct zip file anymore (extracting zip and repackaging it using windows build in zip fixed the issue).