Addon work with web-ext run but don't work when installed?

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I just publish my new extension which work perfectly when launched with web-ext run command however when i installed it nothing works.

When i installed it temporaly i have the ‘profile directory error’

Some help, ideas, similar situations ?

thank you for your help :slight_smile:

This is installing via about:debugging vs. web-ext run?

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web-ext vs published addon (does nothing) / installing via about:debugging (profile directory error)

thank you for your help :slight_smile:

A quick look at the XPI on AMO seems like it should work. I don’t use personally, so I can’t really test the content script. However, at least the browser action seems to work.

You might want to try and debug your content script:

There’s also a bunch of unused files packaged in your XPI, background.js and a newtab folder.

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Thank you for your time, sorry for the dirty code i will try to fix it !

It’s strange, i try to debugging, so i select keyboard event breakpoint to follow what’s happening but when i press a key down i see the path in the differents other extension but mine is like ignored, my code is never called…

I found my error a simple document.querySelector(‘div’)[0] which is undefined so no possibility to get the value of index 0 so my script just end and never execute ^^’.

sorry for that, and thank you again for your tips :wink:

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