Addons desabled after booting a different linux distribution

Hi, I have a very specific problem with addons.
Several linux distributions are installed on my PC. For each one the standard user has the same uid (1000) and their $HOME/.mozilla are symlinks to a single directory so that history, bookmarks and addons are shared. When I reboot my PC and boot in another distribution, addons such Google translate for instance are no more active. I have to manually disable and reenable them manually. Some time I have to quit Firefox and launch it again so that addons become usable.
Is there an explanation to this behavior?

You are probably being hit by this change. This means that you’ll need to place your add-ons in your profile rather than the previous global sideloading locations.

Thanks for your answer.
Indeed the issue I’m facing to looks like a sideloading change. However I had this problem way before release 74.
Please what do you mean by my profile where to place my add-ons? Now they are in /data/home/mozilla/firefox/as8ah8tb.default/extensions knowing that $HOME/.mozilla is a symlink to /data/home/mozilla in each of my Linux distributions (/data is a partition other than /, the same for all of the installed distributions).

@petienne If you can run this code snippet in the Browser Toolbox console, it will give a number that will tell me what scopes are allowed to sideload in your installations. Might be useful to see if that number is different between your working/non-working installs.

This is just to rule this out, as your followup comment indicates this was a problem prior to 74.

  const { AddonSettings } = ChromeUtils.import(