search operators

My search problem was to find all addons with some word (wordcloud) but exclude other word (password) so I tried well know Google Search opeator wordcloud -password and got not relevant results.

Then I tried another form … and got 0 results found for wordcloud NOT password and 3 results found for “word cloud NOT password” and that was strange, because there is and it was not in the results.

Then I tried another syntax form … and again not relevant 423 results found for word NOT password with bunch of “passwords”.

So basicall I have the wish: to have less terrible search to be able to search (with operators, labels, etc.) as I can in Google & Gmail, and… some help on search.

Hi @anzi, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Sorry to hear that you’ve had some difficulty with search operators.

You are welcome to open an issue to requestthis feature, though it’s unlikely that it would be implemented in the near term future as it isn’t commonly requested and is not currently on our roadmap.

Meanwhile, AMO offers an API to build third party search pages. Mine doesn’t do any filtering of the results based on a word you want to omit – that wasn’t among my goals for the page – but someone could add that:

Thanks @jscher2000 for pointing, I’ll try.

Thanks @caitlin for the fast reply, that’s bad news.